As Kabul Falls, Biden Admin Admits America is Back! (To Being Humiliated Again.)

The Biden administration is showing signs it will be weaker than the Carter administration and more humiliating than Obama.

When President-Elect Biden told nations of the world that “America is Back!” Many wondered what he meant with such a bland and vague statement. But we now know.

Reviewing evidence from the last seven months showing the highest inflation in decades, declining labor force participation rate, a detrimental border crisis, and now the surrender to the Taliban. The evidence seems to suggest that Americans of all colors and creeds were again put to the back of the bus behind foreign nations. Only to then be humiliated by their own Commander-in-Chief.

President Biden predicted his administration’s catastrophically brilliant Afghanistan withdrawal plan would not be reminiscent of Saigon. Time has proven right in a way. The embarrassment is also akin to Tehran in 1979. I am all for withdrawing from Afghanistan. How Biden did it, however, took some serious Neanderthal thinking. There is a reason Neanderthals have been extinct for a long time.

Biden rushed the withdrawal so it would be completed before the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. He did this so he can attempt to score political points, by being the president who ended our nation’s longest war. In his pursuit, Biden left billions in military equipment for the Taliban to commandeer, destroyed American credibility, and displayed weakness to our adversaries. These happenings all but guarantee more future problems for American interests—courtesy of the Biden administration. China is already moving in to fill the Middle East power vacuum left over.

A President’s duty is to put the people first, not himself. The sacrifices made in Iraq and Afghanistan by the United States and its citizens have been squandered due to one man’s egotistical pursuits. Such a standard of care by the government shows weakness. The incompetence emboldens our adversaries.

With how much progressives pander to communists, they did not have to look far to find a successful surrender strategy. For example, the Soviet Union retreated from the Eastern Front during World War II by using a scorched-earth policy. That is, they did not leave anything for Nazi Germany and Hitler to use against the Soviets. To do so would have been fatal. Biden’s moves did the complete opposite.

Iran, Russia, China, and other hostile nations now have vast amounts of American military might to purchase from the Taliban. What do we gain from this? Other than strengthening our adversaries, on the backs of taxpayer money and tremendous trillions in debt, the answer, nothing.

The surrender to the Taliban is humiliating as is. But compounding it with such  strategic stupidity only allows for future costs and zero benefits. When it comes to running a business or life in general, it is not the wisest move to implement action which only leads to costs. When government does it, it affects everyone equally.

The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have no interest in cutting costs. We should not forget this blunder and all the others when the midterms come around.

The future security of our republic depends on it.

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